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Top 10 Things to Do After Becoming a 501 (c) 3 – Your 501c3

The Journey Starts HERE!

Believe it or not, obtaining your 501 (c) 3 status is actually the easy part of your Non-Profit journey, It like buying a house. You have to obtain the financing first, but once you’re approved and you’re all moved in, your road to home ownership actually begins. Its at that point that you have to focus on upkeep, taxes, monthly payments, appliance issues and other incidentals that come with the territory. Take a look below at our list of things you will need to consider once you receive your 501 (c) 3 approval from the IRS.


1. Find Out Where ALL the Opportunities are!

  • Know where your clients are!
  • Know what they need!
  • Know how to serve them!


2. Find Out Where ALL of the Resources are!

  • Remember, you’re not an island, you can’t do it alone!
  • Determine who your potential partners are!
  • Start building relationships!


3. Stay Legal & Compliant!

  • Register with your state Charitable Solicitations Division:
  • File Your State Annual Reports
  • File Your Federal 990 Forms

4. Keep Your Organizations Records Clean and Orderly!

  • Never comingle your organization’s finances with that of your own
  • Keep a paper trail on everything


5. Make Fundraising a Part of Your Life!

  • Find Out Where the Money Is!
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Make the ASK!


6. Make Public Relations a Part of Your Life!

  • Always Document Your Success Stories!
  • Develop Press Releases & Send to Local Media Outlets:
  • Secure Media Appearances
  • Maximize Social Media…its FREE!


7. Get Involved with The RIGHT People!

  • Those Who Can Donate Money
  • Those Who Can Influence Others to Donate Money
  • Those Who Brings a Skill or Service that You Don’t Have to Spend Money On


8. Network! Network! Network!

  • Always Keep Business Cards & Materials Handy
  • Find Out Who the Right People Are and “Talk” to Them
  • Be Everywhere They Are
  • Don’t Waste Time Where There’s No Benefit
  • FYI! There is ALWAYS a Benefit!
  • EVERYONE You Meet Has a Purpose


9. Be Ready to Talk About Your Organization at ALL Times!

  • Develop a 10-minute Presentation and Always be Ready to Execute It!
  • Never Get Tired of Talking About What You Do!
  • Always Know When to “Stop” Talking About It
  • Have Different Versions of Your Narrative Ready
  • Readily have 60, 30, & 15-Second Versions of Your Elevator Speech


10. Stay True to Your Purpose!

  • Stick to YOUR mission and get GOOD at it!
  • If you believe that this is what you were created for…Keep Doing It!